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What We Offer

  1. Call us to receive a free estimate.

  2. Expect to exchange ideas, have measurements taken of your home, and any other preferences you have will be discussed at this time as well.

  3. When we have a plan, we’ll provide you with an obligation-free quote, which will consist of:

  • Fully-equipped technicians;

  • Installation of your new lights that we purchase on your behalf with a manual timer. For an additional fee, we will provide you a Smart Timer so you can power on/off lights and set a schedule all from your Smartphone if you have a Wi-Fi connection. All materials fit in a storage container that we provide. Year after year - you, the customer, sets the container out for us and we do the rest. If you would like a quote for permanent lighting as well, please let us know;

  • Post-installation consultation, during which we’ll explain to you how the lights work, where their power source is located, how to set up from your phone if you have a smart timer, and what circuits are being used;

  • Taking down the display in January.

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